Friday, June 25, 2010

Flowers are on the agenda today as we head over to Colchester, CT to visit with Sadie.  We have the Costco address and will stop in to get her some flowers.  Today I think it will be a mixture of pretty flowers.  Summer needs a touch of pink, 'me' thinks. It's up to Howard since it's his "mom".  We hate to miss the opportunity to see her on this trip cause we're not sure when we'll be back up. Back to see her? Sure, we hope to; perhaps in the late Fall?!  

Meanwhile our night at the Hampton Inn was the most unsatisfactory ever. Ugh. Extreme noise from so many places. We've changed rooms this morning and soon we'll depart for CT.  We'll return this evening after stopping over at Augie's to visit the family there. I don't know that we'll leave Nyack tomorrow morning or not.  We shall see what all they accomplish today. Ella has a check-up today and I heard (I think) that the boys may get their hair cut.  Mawmaw tired. Very. Anywho, we'll be off now; will grab a to-go coffee and praying the whole day for our family everywhere. Praying Anita feels lots better today and for Caden to feel better with his cold and painful teething going on.  LOVE YOU -  Mom & Dad

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