Sunday, June 13, 2010

 Sunday Ramblings

   Today we are thankful that Jacob is alright. He took a tumble down the stairs yesterday.  He was shook up from the fall, but Praise God, he is alright.  I bet he has some bruises today and some sore spots.  His mom and dad checked him all over several times to be sure. Poor lil guy.  The stairs are not very forgiving when we have a mis-step and down we go.  Jim said Ethan was wearing himself out "talking and talking" about his brother's fall down the steps. He cried too over his brother's tumble. Scared em all. Me too.
   Ella is now over 9 pounds.  Papa Partin has not 'met her' yet, so he is looking forward to holding his granddaughter for the first time. I'm anxious to see her again as well. 
 our bella Ella

   Again this weekend was drawing down and here came our sweet Caden and parents for a Sunday visit. He was very talkative from the time he came in the house.  It won't be long and he will be walking on his own.  His balance is tremendous.  Plus, his vocabulary is growing weekly.  He repeats just about any word you say.  And just as they were leaving tonight, I could swear he said "grandma".  We were trying to get him to say it again.  He says, Brian, and I am sure he connects the name with Uncle Brian.  I didn't have to be so distanced from him this Sunday, as the cold itself is a goner. I do, however, still sound like I have a "code in my node" and it must be a sinus infection.  Getting back to Caden... he looked so cute in his khaki shorts and navy shirt that said "record breaker" on it.  Note to self: get some toys in this house for him to play with when he comes over.  I will, Caden.  I promise.  I pray our family has a good week ahead.  In particular I pray the "packing" goes smooth on Thursday for the Jersey gang.
You're all in my thoughts and prayers.  Always
Mr. Handsome

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