Thursday, February 2, 2012


I'd like to begin @ the Beginning - when the twins were born. It was a cold New York city day and it even had snowed just a touch that morning.  We stayed in the city at a hotel and were prepared to hop on the Subway and head to Presbyterian Hospital first thing in the morning.  I remember the brisk walk like it was yesterday.  Anyways, we made it there, and boy oh boy, were we ever excited!

THIS is the most amazing site!  Two little boys born
100% Perfect!  Jacob weighed 10 oz. more than Ethan.
So, Ethan weighed 4.3 # and Jacob weighed 4.10 #

The proud & thankful parents !

 First Birthday

Second Birthday

Third Birthday

Fourth Birthday

Fifth Birthday

Wow, where did 5 years go so fast?  One thing is for sure.
You two changed our lives. 

Your Birthday party was so much fun this past Saturday.  Your Mom and Dad wanted to give you a party over here at our place cause there was more room for the Bounce House, Treasure Hunt and PiƱata. We are so glad it was a pretty day.  Happy to have the cousins, uncles and aunts here as well. Five is such a special Birthday.  Look at these photos of you guys having FUN.  Grandma thinks she has one Birthday photo taken of Aunt Jean & I when were were kids.  We were 1 year old.  After that?  Take lots of pictures, boys.  You'll have them to look back on and give you so many fun memories!  Soon it will be Caden's 3rd birthday.  He's an April 15th baby.  And then your sister Ella will be 2 on May 6th.  She shares her birthday with her Daddy, her Grandma and Aunt Jean.  A real busy day for births!  Kaitlyn was just 5 months.  The way time flies, we'll be at her birthday party soon.  I just wanted you to know how much you BLESS Papa's and my life.  We thank God for you every single day.  We love you dearly!

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