Wednesday, June 1, 2016

An Explanation for a 4 Year Gap

   Would never have imagined I'd putt 4 years away and STILL return to Butterscotch Apron.  I feel like I should at least update it; even if it's just for me.  (and it likely will be)  My family and most friends know what came about towards the end of July 2012.  I became suddenly ill and was taken to the E.R.  I was "out of it" and knew nothing about the serious infection I had.  I can sum it up by just saying it was rather bizarre.  8 days later I was released to come home and continue antibiotic drips twice a day for 3 more weeks.  

   My dear husband earned his Nursing Assistant status from me.  He was amazing.  A man who hates needles and changing bandages and so forth?  Heck, he was an old Pro.  The visiting nurses were impressed with his "exact" way of doing the IV's.  God love him.  I made a good recovery and the scar went away pretty darn good.  

   In the midst of all the goings on at the hospital, they found I had a couple of issues.  A place on my left breast showed up and also blood work indicated possible multiple myeloma.  Days of scheduling tests and going to new doctors here and there finally brought us to the D Day information.  Jan was diagnosed with breast cancer and I had had a bone marrow test, which confirmed the myeloma.  Getting the ball rolling for chemo takes a while.  So, on October 4, 2012 I had my first chemo treatment.  They said I'd be having 6 treatments 3 weeks apart.  After chemo, I would have 1 month off before having my surgery.  There were 2 hospital stays due to side effects of the stinking chemo meds.  I have had some irregular heart rhythm in the past and I was told Afib does not play nice with these drugs.  I can testify to that.

   Ahh, yes, we live by Grace.  The amount of support and prayers provided was simply Amazing.  In no way is this bragging, so I humbly say that I was humbled by the Gathering of prayer warriors, cards, flowers and food that my dear friends and family supplied.  When you're a Doer, it's hard to accept at first.  But, you realize you are unable to DO for yourself & the family UNTIL the storm backs off some.  I was overjoyed to have my twin sister, Jean, and her hubby, come and supply loving moral support.  My sons and their wives were here to give comfort and food too, and their dear children made me feel better.   

   I will wind this up by saying surgery went well in January of 2013 and then my 33 radiation treatments moved along nicely.  I finished the full protocol the end of April, 2013.  

Ringing the BELL at end of radiation treatments!

So, What Else is New

   I'm sure you have experienced some big changes.  Our (my) "advancing" years brings some big changes we don't want to see happen.  Losing loved ones is at the top of the list. Within 18 months we lost our 3 brothers.  My twin, Jean, and I, are the "youngest" of our family.  Our older sister, Barbara, died suddenly in February, 2011.  The passing of our eldest brother, Art, was sudden.  That was in April 14th, 2014. Next was our brother, Bill, June 4, 2015 and then brother John on November 28, 2015.  Big vacant spaces where each resided in our family.  In my heart.  It seems so odd to not have them to "turn to" for a good chat, ask a question about our family years ago, and so forth.

   Cancer made itself an Unwelcome guest in our family.  My brother Bill had head and neck cancer.  He underwent some very in depth surgeries and chemo treatments and radiation.  The depth of his care went deep and God love him; he fought the fight.  My sister-in-law, Sandee, was very strong for both of them.  She assumed caregiver gracefully and with determination.  Oh Lord, we wanted a Miracle for him so badly.  Bill's healing took place on the other side of the grave.  His going home was tender and sweet; being at home with Hospice care.  Well trained folks who were there with him.  Assisted Sandee very well.  Bill had a heart for others and never knew a stranger.  Basically, our family was like that.  We didn't "keep to ourselves" and none of us shy.  I'm very sorry all 3 of our sisters-in-law became widows.  *sigh*  

This is for Breast cancer and any other cancer.  Some cancers are so hidden from showing any signs.  All of us, after a certain age, should see a Dermatologist and have a good going over of your skin.  The earlier the better when finding any type skin cancer.  Especially melanoma.



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