Tuesday, June 15, 2010

100 * yesterday - a real HOT and dry day. Ugh.  Presently there is rumbling out across the lake. Will it rain? Shoot, who knows?  Doesn't even seem muggy out, so I'm wondering where the moisture will come from.  Returning from the Dr. office yesterday, I noted my car temperature (outside) registered 101*. Good grief.  Upon pulling onto our property it only dropped 1 * degree.  You'd think this high of a temp would crop up later in the summer.  Some real crazy weather and happenings across our country.  We must keep ourselves hydrated and wear SUNSCREEN. Of course, that includes our lil ones.  Sure hope the weekend we drive down from New York it won't be so sweltering.  We will make more frequent stops to let the kids release some energy, go potty, and our Baby Ella will have to eat and be changed.  I've been thinking of whom I'll line up to check in on Brian while we're gone and I feel our lady, Pat, can do that job.  Brian has an MRI tomorrow and the EEG won't happen till July 8th.  Hope my dear ones are having a good Tuesday and I send my love.  Hope MawMaw gets over this sinus thing real tidy-like.  
   Oh, want to know what the Snoopy Balloon is for?  I resembles my head; how it feels full of pressure - and I didn't want to post a picture of someone out in the hot sun or a thunderstorm.  I like Snoopy and it looks like he's passing St. Patrick's Cathedral here. Hey, I've been there.   

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