Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mr. Handsome is walking !!!

Today Mr. Handsome (my new nickname for Caden) decided he wanted to go from Point A to Point B and did not want to crawl his way there.  So?  He did a steady stand up and took a few steps all on his own. And then a few more steps and I'm sure in a few days he'll be a true beginner; on his way to being an "old Pro" at this walking stuff.  I sort of thought on Sunday when he held my hand and walked pretty
steady that it wouldn't be long and he'd be WALKING.  Where did the time go? I told his Dad that
Grandma Totten would always say, "when they stand up? they're getting out of the way for the next one".....  hubba hubba   Now Caden will be all set to begin keeping up with his cousins.  Attaboy my lil Grandson Caden. You rock.

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