Sunday, June 20, 2010


Howard's First Father's Day 1971

Thinking about all the fathers who will be showered with lots of love and Thanks on this Father's Day. Two of my sons are Fathers and they do the name proud. What good daddies they are. Jim has 3 children: Ethan, Jacob and Ella. Dan has a son named Caden. We were up early today and have had coffee on the patio. Now Mama must get busy and prepare her hubby, Dad to our 3 sons, a nice breakfast. It's going to be sausage and gravy over hot biscuits and scrambled eggs. I heard him hint at grits but I doubt he'll miss them today. Happy Father's Day, Hub. Jim will fly in around 2:30 from NY and be here till Thursday, when we 3 fly up to NY. (more on that later) I think of my Dad and remember the years we honored him on this day.

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