Saturday, June 19, 2010


....Of realizing your Son you nurtured and watched grow up turned into a kind, tender-hearted, loving, respectful man, and in turn is all those things and more in the husband and Father he is today. Yesterday was "our" baby's 32nd birthday.  While his dad had some questionable congestion (?), he stayed home and did not get to eat dinner with son Dan, family and guests. One of the guests was wee newborn, Weston. His Mom & Dad (Melissa and Chris) are first-time parents and they have a beautiful little boy.  He has big blue eyes and looks like his Daddy at present. (in my eyes)
  Brian and I joined them for the Birthday celebration.  Dan grilled marinated chicken on the grill, made delish green beans and we had pasta salad at request of my dear son. Caden was showing us his new talent of WALKING on his own. He looks so proud.  Mr. Handsome actually walks side-ways at times and I found that really cool.  He says so many things really well.  As of yet I've not heard a real attempt at Grandma.  He will in time.  Oh, back to the birthday boy.  (sorry)  He has a 'yen' for a nice tool chest.  So, we gifted him with some extra $ to go towards it. I'm sure he'll make the choice real soon. He says presently he has tools in random places and would like to establish the TOOL Chest.  We enjoyed
our stay and the Birthday cake was YUM.  I'll post a pic now of the Birthday Man, who will always be my "little boy" in my heart and mind. Yeah, it's mushy.

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