Sunday, June 6, 2010

It made my weekend!  Caden and his parents came by for a visit. He's so darn cute; only 13 months old and he is very sociable.  His Grandma is getting over a nasty cold, so I tried to keep my distance. It was not easy.  When you tell him to say a word, he is a magpie and tries to at least say it each time.  He enjoys seeing the boats or jet-skis out on the lake. He makes great engine sounds too.  I love that he does his little hands in a "question" mode and says "what?"  Like, he's waiting for Daddy to explain something to him. He seems beyond his age in some ways.  He is so tall too.  You can sure tell his parents play with him a lot as he has all kinds of 'looks' he gives.  I wonder if he'll be a funny boy like his dad?  He is very handsome and his hair is so dark.  I know you'll agree with his Grandma.  It was good to see all 3; they were going home to give Caden a nap and I know both mom and dad could have used a nappy.  z z z z

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