Saturday, July 3, 2010

Welcome to Orlando, Jim, Anita, Ethan, Jacob & Ella
It's Official ~ the Jersey Partins moved into their new
home as of today. They are now residents of Orlando, Florida!
We are so glad to have you nearby. There are untold chapters
to be written of good times spent together and the privilege of
watching the kids grow up! I know how Blessed (now) my
Parents felt to have so many of their grandchildren living nearby.
And FAMILY is everything! Coming back from a long errand to
the store (with
twin grandsons in tow), it was so heartwarming
to find Dan and Aimee at brother Jim's home - pitching in and
HELPING out. They'd gotten Grandma Lea to watch Caden.
I know Jim and Anita are "exhausted" and that in time they'll
recover. It's been a long task of sorting, packing and making
these Big changes. Our prayers support you guys as you adjust
to your new busy lives here in Orlando. We are here for you.
Love, Mom and Dad
p.s. your sons fell right to sleep :)
Home of Jim and Anita Partin
4209 Isle Vista Avenue, Orlando, FL 32812

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