Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's Time for a New Porch Swing
My folks had a porch swing at their Mark Street home and we ALL loved it.
I remember many a time sitting there having coffee with Mom and Dad.
And do any of you remember sitting a whole passel of children on that
swing and Mom took a photo? The eldest child in the photo I'm thinking of
was Lauren Sue Totten. She was the "big girl" in town. (at the time)
That swing went onto Bill and Sandee's and has enjoyed a nice life over there.
Meanwhile, we got some pipe furniture at the Daytona Flea Market some
15 years or more ago. We got a swing with cushions. We did not leave the
cushions out in the weather back then at all. Since moving into our Barn
House we are using the swing on our patio. The cushions are just
impossible to keep clean. They mildew AWFUL. I think it's the material
inside that is mildewing worse. So, I'm looking for a NEW SWING. I've
looked for cushions but I'm really wanting a different type of swing.
I'd loads rather be able to just wipe off the swing after a rainstorm and
NOT mess with cushions. (until perhaps when new house is finished)
I enjoyed a morning visit from Ethan and Jacob today. We visited
outside and they enjoyed SWINGING. "Faster, MawMaw", they would
say. Well, I had em going fast enough to have the swing come apart.
NO, nobody hurt. I just put the 'joint' back together and they swang
some more. I put a lightweight old spread on the cushions. They
even went for a second spell of swinging and that time they were
lying down; heads at opposite ends of swing. They thought that was
great fun too. I wonder WHY I don't remember one thing my Grandmothers
ever said to ME? Do you Jean? Oh well. Just a thought.
I want my Grandchildren to REMEMBER me cause I'm sharing some
GREAT STUFF. I love them oh so dearly.
They are napping with me this afternoon while their parents are
shopping for bedroom furniture. I wish them Good Luck.

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