Saturday, July 31, 2010

Winding up July
Feels sort of good to have approached the last day of July. Why? You know why, I'm sure. THE HEAT we're all experiencing. This morning Howard said, "we should have kept the place in the mountains". Yes, I so agree. Of course they have hot days too. But, they almost always COOL down come evening and have much cooler mornings. We always "want" what we can't have. Oh fiddle. Today we are happy to know we'll gather with FAMILY to welcome nephew John Martin's family to town. Been a while since we saw the Martin 5. (I almost called them the Hawaii Martins) John and Sue had a real nice place in Hawaii and it was such a joy visiting them. Can't wait to see how much the boys have grown - in person. Their Grandma Martin sent a photo of her TEN grandchildren yesterday. WOW ! Little baby grandchildren GROW UP? What a beautiful bunch of children. I know it did Barbie a lot of good to have that treasure in her midst; ALL her children and grands too. I've been taking care of my youngest and only Granddaughter. It's like getting a present when they come in the door with her. Such darn cute smiles and cooing up a storm. Both her Papa and MawMaw 'talk' to her and she offers up such beautiful baby smiles. Ok, Ok, I know. Enough, Grandma. Don't hold your breath, ok?
Also, our lil Caden has been so sick with a high fever for the 3rd day. Praying today he will leave that fever behind him and he will recover. Dan just gave me an update that they got him to eat a little bit and did drink more. Yeah! Thank you, Lord. Get well soon, Caden ! I love U

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