Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rainy Saturday (sort of)
Had a nice day with the children yesterday. We read together and we had "book discussion" afterwards. It was Curious George and we talked about how sometimes being 'too curious' can get you in trouble. That you have to LISTEN to the rules and FOLLOW THEM, especially when you're little like they are. Ella had some 'talking' to do and that was cute to listen to as we colored for a while. Snack time rolled around and we decided on 'string cheese'. Their string cheese isn't boring like mine is. They had like a Jack cheese combo or something. Their Mom was a busy bee, as she worked on her work computer. Their Day Care was closed yesterday (maybe in preparation for their Open House today?), so they had to stay home. The goal was to go swimming come the afternoon. The time and weather looked like it was not going to permit that. Anita got out some paints for the boys and they had a good time painting on some pages from a coloring book. Their nap time went good, though they'd much rather have romped in their beds and not have fallen asleep. You can always tell the naps refresh them and you're always glad they slept a bit. I think for the most part they were 'good as gold' (Mom's old term) and they only got a second wind after nap time and upped the volume some. They forget to lower those noises, as it doesn't set well with Ella. They're so crazy about their baby sister. I'm just crazy about all 3 of them AND my other sweetheart, Caden. Gladly, today Caden and his Mama are feeling better. They came down with nasty colds mid-week. Boo colds! (and accompanying coughs/congestion) Brian seems to have the same thing. Hope all get over it real fast.

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