Sunday, August 22, 2010

School Starts Tomorrow
I bet we can all remember 'back when' we prepared tonight to get our "things" ready for the first day of school. I normally was NOT happy one bit about school starting. When real young that was more the case, but maybe come my high school years I knew it was more of a nervous thing about the classes and teachers you'd get. When I was younger, it only meant I didn't want to be away from home. Okay, my Mom! Mom made staying home a lot more appealing. I guess this is WHY she'd conjure up some "days off" from school every now and then. (more so when we got to be in 8th grade or higher) Mom loved our company; want can I say? (heh heh) She chattered away to us kids as she drove down to Atlanta, or over to Sandy Springs to Lennox Square shopping area. Plus, she always got us a nice lunch out. I know this for sure; my siblings and I have not fallen too far from the Oak. I used to relish taking the boys out to breakfast or lunch and we had a GOOD time. Sometimes I had to 'reprimand' them, but what kid doesn't need that some? They'd get a bit of mischief in em and tease a waitress or some such thing. Jean and I would take our kids down to the CNA building and enjoy a nice balanced bacon, eggs and grits; always served by the same waitress. Then we'd be off to parts unknown. My boys weren't any more keen on the return to school either. Heck, I recall having to go pick em up from school at sometime with a reported 'bellyache' that suddenly went away once we drove away from the school parking lot. Ya know what? I am getting a bellyache just thinking of the First Day of School. Dan is shown here on his first Day of school. Remember how their clothes were laid out (yours too) for that first Big Day?
This year it means Ella is going to head to Day Care and I'll be the ONE crying. I'm certainly going to miss her. I gotta scoot; I have to go over to her house NOW and go see her. So, I'll be praying for the children everywhere who are returning to school tomorrow; or even if it's their first Day of school ever. And all the wonderful teachers who make it possible for these children to get taught a full education. Thank you, Teachers! . . . and Day Care infant personnel too....... take care of our baby Ella. : ( sniff (that Danny sure was a cute lil boy)

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