Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Paper Dolls
Seems to me a rainy day outside was one of the best days for pulling out your collection of favorite paper dolls. From the time I can first remember playing with my twin sister, Jean, it's paper dolls that stand out most. Mom would let us cut out the Betsey McCall paper doll each month. (if we remembered to do it) We had Elizabeth Taylor, Esther Williams and other movie star paper dolls. I think maybe Barbara (other sister) had some and we kind of inherited hers - when she was done with em. As we got older our Aunt Judy passed her tall antique paper dolls onto Jean and I. I remember on of the girl dolls was named Helen. And to my thinking the boy paper doll was named Peter. I doubt our dad ever played with him, unless it was to tease his sister. He had a nickname for his sister, "the pest". I remember paper dolls were not real easy to take care of. The neck was always too easily to get a bend in it and we'd have to enforce it with some extra cardboard. Maybe we bent their heads for saying 'yes'? Oh well. Some Fond memories of playing paper dolls. Isn't that right Jean?

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