Monday, September 20, 2010

Beautiful Sunsets
The evenings sure are getting more comfy outside. The breezes have been wonderful and the sunsets have been gorgeous. We're just a day away from the first day of Fall. Seems like the months of summer dragged along for a while and suddenly here we are finishing summer 2010. It was too hot but I guess not any warmer than it's been in the past. Saturday evening the grandchildren came over with their parents and the little ones were having fun playing in the yard. Caden found the pretend mower and was giving the yard a good going over out behind the new house. He calls it, "mow mow". Really cute. He makes the noise for the engine too. We were all giving our opinions on the color of the house and how we're all getting anxious to see the dry-wall up and in place and each step towards finishing. The guys keep planning the first cookout too. And we're giving thoughts toward the proposed fire pit. It's going to be so fun to have family gatherings over here at the new house. Sleep well everybody. I gotta get to bed. I love you all. Here's a sunset photo from Saturday night, Sept. 18th.

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