Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Janny went to Camp
Had a nice getaway to visit with Claudia and Wayne - 5 whole days too! We stayed busy doing many varied things. The trip up to Jacksonville was easy going and we stayed at a very nice Hampton Inn downtown. Rode the monorail to the Convention Center and laid our eyes on some exquisite quilts. That trip was made real fun since we met up with Tammy and Lisa. The two of them know their way around Jacksonville quite well. Lisa used to work right near our hotel. The 4 of us enjoyed our visit to the Loop on Wed. night. Thursday we headed back to the Quilt Show as it was opening day for the Show. The vendors were busy showing their wares and we all managed to find some fabric and what-nots we couldn't leave behind. We shared lunch together at an old established Diner (cafe) before leaving. It was really good. I'm thinking both Lisa and Tammy know some very good restaurants. On our way home to Orange Springs we stopped at Palatka, where Claudia found the Vera Bradley purse she wanted, plus some other pieces to go with it. She is "in the club", so she says. Ha.
Friday it was a "quilting day" for Claudia and Wayne. They are working on a Quilt for the Navy Centennial celebration. I took it easy on Friday morning, having slept like a LOG on Thursday night. When I went over to the quilt studio, Tammy arrived and she helped me pick out 6 fabrics to make a pieced vest. Claudia had a pretty array of fat quarters to choose from. Soon a type of Grammy Camp began! Tammy has had a couple of Grammy Camps over the summer with her grandchildren. So, I will call it Tammy Camp. She cut a pattern for me from hers; modified it some; and then carefully showed me what to do; step by step. Claudia had me use her new JUKI sewing machine. It took some getting used to, as you lift and drop the presser foot by pressing the bar with your right leg (knee). It's really neat how the seams are locked and threads cut. It was pretty easy to make this vest. I had no clue 'how to' cut the strips out on the diagonal, but Tammy showed me how to place the strips in order to get "that look". Thank you to Tammy for her 'time' and patience. You are good teacher material, Tammy. You and Claudia have got to offer this class to a group. I really like my vest - thank you to both of you !!
It was a lot of fun seeing you Lisa. You did so good getting around the quilt show. I continue to pray your full healing from your surgery. Plus, that you are having awesome results : )
Til November?? Woo Hoo

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