Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pine Trees and Dr. Appointments
While the title of my post today sounds like these two topics are related, no they aren't. I love my pine trees and am not all that fond of Dr. appointments. Today I'm very content just hearing the breeze in our tall pine trees. It's a much cooler morning and THAT I really dig. I wake up early; almost always before 7 a.m. I knew we were due for some cooler morning temps and for a Floridian that is a big deal. (or to me it is) I came out early by myself. How peaceful! There wasn't any breeze at all when I came outside. I lit a citronella candle and sat it on the floor below me - in case a stray mosquito wanted to spoil my 'fun'. Also I lit an apple scented candle. I never really did smell any scent of apple, but I could smell the dumb candle sitting on the floor of the patio. There are no eagles up in the pine trees YET this morning. They flew in toward sunset last night and enjoyed being perched high in the pines. There were two; each one in a different pine tree. Presently I hear a hawk making himself known in a tree somewhere on the point. I like photographing them as well. I won't be making it to 10 a.m. church. Brian is here and I am not sure how his night went, but I will let him sleep in. The morning temps and breeze have lured many fisherman out on the lake to see 'what's biting' besides mosquitos. We have too much moss in the trees; mainly the oaks. We need someone to come 'pick the trees' clean. I remember a friend told me that a team of indians came by their place over on another lake and asked, "could we have your moss?" Wow, maybe I should list it on Craigslist? Free for the picking. Pick at your own risk. Howie would never go for that one.
Second topic is about Dr. appointments coming up this week. They're appointments for Janice (2 so far), 1 for Brian and 1 for myself. Each day but Wednesday has some kind of Dr. appointment. The ones with first cause of concern sare Janice's. She sees a retina Dr. every 6 weeks and of late it doesn't appear it's done much good. She has little to no vision in her right eye. This happened a year ago next month. She also has her standing appointment (every 3 months) with her Lakeside Dr. Poor Janice is not doing so well in several areas. She is losing more weight and this must be addressed this week with another appointment I will make with her GP. If you'd please put her on your prayer list, we'd sure appreciate it. Next for an appointment is Brian with his eye Dr. He had Brian get a CT scan of his eyes; more particularly the right eye that has the fractured orbital bone this past April. His double vision is really bad. He has new glasses to help correct it, but so far it's not doing the job. We will discuss with his Dr. just what else can be done to correct this. Brian's neurologist suggests strongly that his double vision is not related to side effects of medications. I disagree in part because the details of two meds says that you 'could' get double vision from ongoing use. What a bummer! He has enough on his plate to keep the seizures at bay; let alone have this double vision day in and day out. Prayers much appreciated. Last appointment that has been on the books for 6 months is for me. I see my Doc every 6 months following blood work. It is not a physical, however. Now, isn't this all interesting? As Rose Ann Roseanna Danna said? "It's always something."
This is the week we need to be busy picking out our flooring and countertops too. Can you say, "busy"?

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