Friday, November 26, 2010

And, we WERE and ARE Thankful

We're thankful Dan and Aimee invited us over for dinner.
Dan did a beautiful job with the turkey.  It was nice and tender.
I made the dressing (so-so), sweet potatoes and a fruit salad.
None of these sides I fixed were very stellar.  Ahhh.
We all enjoyed our dinner and the company was great.
Caden's other Grandma (Grammie) was there and Caden
seemed to enjoy having the Grammy Squad on site.
He was very cute, chatters so much, and he has quite
a vocabulary for 19 months. We took a walk after
dinner and I had him at this particular part of the walk and 
he spotted a wreath that had lights on it. He pointed
and said, "wreath".  I said, "did he just say wreath?"
His parents affirmed, yes, he did.  He has a book which
they've been reading a lot and it has the pull tabs
on pictures, so he's been learning words that way.

We left with a hefty amount of leftovers. So, tonight
we've just had our "leftovers".  I never did get to
Publix to pick up some corn relish and watermelon pickle.
They always have it and I didn't think to pick up those sides.
Looked at Wal-Mart (of all places) prior to getting to
Dan's yesterday, but none to be found.  Guava? 
No, didn't seem like it would go with our dinner.

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving Day. 
Every day is THANKSGIVING if you think about it.
We have so much to Give Thanks for.  I'll
share my list with you soon.  

A month til Christmas 2010.  I best get busy.
We all know how FAST this month flies. 

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