Friday, December 3, 2010

Headed to see Santa tomorrow

Last year I was in Jersey when the boys went to see Santa.   They were real brave from a distance. When they got closer to their turn, it began to look like a case of stage fright with Santa.  Mommy and Daddy joined them and sat with Santa as well.  But, the boys weren't talking!  No sirree. Clammed up. No way we were going to get them to say one word.  I believe it was Ethan who did begin to warm up to Santa since he began to look at him.  It appeared to me that they were both trying to 'ignore' him; hoping this whole thing would end fast.  I was so tickled. Sure brought back memories of taking our sons to see Santa.  Of course, as we were walking away, bravery took a leap forward.  They began to wave gently and in low voices say goodbye to him.  It was so doggone cute.  They had matching outfits on that day and I'm thinking when they go see Santa tomorrow they'll have on the snowman vest you see above. I bought them at Macy's (in the store right next to Santa's location) at the mall.  And they were bought with sizes for Christmas 2010 in mind.  I hope they fit them.  If they don't wear them tomorrow, I imagine they'll have them on sometime during the Christmas season.  Merry Christmas little boys. I think of you "as mine"; which translates to my Grandsons; the identical kind.  Cause I also have Caden, our 3rd grandson.  He is warming up to his in-house large Santa; giving him a "high 5" tonight.  These sure are precious times; flying by so quickly.  Miss Ella will be visiting Santa as well.  I hope we catch them all smiling at some point.   ~

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