Sunday, November 7, 2010

Top Perch or How High Can YOU go?

Don't ya love it?  The eagles were having a gathering on a dead pine tree and all their squawking and carrying on caught my EAR.  Then it caught my LENS.  I so enjoyed the afternoon this was taken.  I kept watching them circle and jockey for a new position.  There definitely was a competition going on.  I wish I'd been able to video it as well.  It was like watching kids play on the monkey bars, seeing 'how high they could go', however, my hands didn't sweat while watching them.  I've not seen a repeat performance of this type thing since.  Where food is involved, yes, I have.  Last week there was 3 eagles fighting over a big mouth bass one of them had caught earlier.  All 3 went in different directions with NO fish.  What I didn't know was the 'lost bass' lie beneath the pine tree where they'd just been.  Here came a brave eagle to capture the food.  He sat on the ground just about 'hopping' as he held onto the big bass.  He took flight eventually and off he went.  He must have ended up with the spoils unless the other 2 found his whereabouts.  I admit they are a lot of fun to watch.

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