Sunday, November 7, 2010

The boys are having a good laugh over their ice cream bars.  There was all kinds of jibber jabber between them about their bars.  They'd had lunch but didn't have a lot.  Then one of them had their animal balloon break and there were now 2 boys needing a lil 'pick me up'.   And where were we?  We went to the downtown Orlando annual Fiesta in the Park around Lake Eola.  Those boys made it all the way around the lake - walking on their own 2 feet.  I was very proud of em.  They saw more dogs of various and sundry types; some in baby buggy strollers, some really large tall dogs, and the itty bitty ones.  We view one of the black swans sitting on the nest.  We left it well enough alone.  They waited a long while to finally get to go in the bouncie house and they loved it.  They went in two different ones.   Now I know why I see a few of those ginormous things around this end of town in backyards. I guess the kids go nutty over those things and some parents rent them for a birthday party and others I assume buy them.  Good luck on that electric bill.  

I didn't have my camera out when we ran into Caden, Aimee and Dan, Melissa and Chris and Weston.  So, no photos of them.  Maybe Aim will post some she took.  Caden was having a good time.  The young families got their 2010 Christmas ornaments with the names of their off-spring on them.  (well, each family member actually)  It reminded me of days goneby when I got a few like that.  Sniff.  I still could, right?  I'd just add the whole shootin match, ie, family at large.  Yeah, I could do that.  

Time to turn the clock back.  So, I awakened for the 3rd time around 7:50 OLD time, and or 6:50 a.m. the NEW time.  All the clocks and watches are not yet set back.  Some of them we did after we got up.  We had breakfast - finally - right in between the old and new time.  Brian is here, so we made up a bigger breakfast than usual and we had hot biscuits too.  I'm sorry I missed out on church.  Phooey.

I'll post this lil message and then set my mind on my next post.  I have messed up the usual right-hand margin of my Blog; being that I set it up for Halloween a couple weeks ago and it lost my settings. Durn it.  No biggie in the scheme of life; I sure know that.  But, it bugged me.  

I'm thinking of you, John and Karen.  Wish I was closer.  XO

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