Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wood Floors going down ~ Travertine too

Progress continues as the floors are almost down.  Next the wood floors will be sanded and finished. We really like the look.   The border around the dining area is of a different wood and that is thanks to our flooring man.  He has an "eye" for what looks good.  It copies the tray ceiling above as far as the dining area goes.  Also, the travertine floor is down in the kitchen.  The bathroom floors are being done; not finished yet.  The walls of the showers and tub areas will be started next week.  Cabinets are delayed a week due to colder weather than usual last week.  The cabinet man is around 100 miles north of our county.  He can't paint (finish) the cabinetry in such cold temps.  We stand to have colder weather Monday morning of the coming week.  So, we take it as it comes.  We pretty much feel we won't be getting into the house in January.  We will when it's TIME.  And believe me, we are looking forward to it! 

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