Monday, January 3, 2011

 . . . Here's a Mixture of Things . . .

Oh for goodness sakes, looks like this set-up is going to make the paragraph look dumb.  Last post I put on my Apron blog was all off kilter.  I don't like that.  I'll continue and hope for the best.  There's been a lot going on, of course.  With your dream home getting close to being done, there are lots of "planes" getting in line; ready to land.  I like the sounds of that.  We are waiting for the cabinets to arrive first of next week.  They have been repainted (kitchen and master bath) and we went up there today to "eyeball" what they had to offer.  We went with the burnt umber (brown) dye stain.  Next we went over to look around at the granite they had to offer (just down the road from Gene's shop).  A nice guy named Mike helped show us around the lot and we settled on a couple of large slabs (both the same) that will be the kitchen granite counter tops.  We kept on until we found granite tops for each cabinet.  

I'm bummed that I didn't get around to posting a Christmas photo; share some thoughts about Christmas as it neared; but why live with regret?  The thing is we had a nice Christmas, we enjoyed Christmas Eve over at Jim and Anita's.  It was a real bonus to see my sister Barbara and Darwin over Christmas; plus seeing Debbie.  It wasn't long enough.  I want to go UP to Georgia and visit them very soon.  Next came New Years and we got to see John and Karen, John and Kate and their sweet little babies.  Nadia too.  She is hardly a baby anymore; getting so tall.  We went through a real cold spell but it was rather NICE.  Florida offers that for sure;  a few days of frigid and then a few days of mild temps.  I read tonight we're hoping for rain on Thurs. and Fri. this week and turning cold on weekend.  I'm okay with that.  Tomorrow I will go get Ella from school; and probably the day after.  

We enjoyed an overnight visit to Orange Springs and a night at the North40.  Thank you for your hospitality.  I think we should nickname our guest suite the Schumacher Suite.  Or, maybe a quippy short name for it....  Schusuite.  Ha.  I sort of know all the things that NEED to be done in order for us to have a home that is READY to move into.  Painters do the doors; then walls and ceilings and after cabinets get here next week, the appliances will get a call for delivery.  Then we'll get the upstairs carpeted (and stairs), and the granite tops will go on (including back splashes), and bathroom tiles will get done, and the last thing for the house (I was told) is when the wood floors are sanded and then 3 coats of polyurethane go on them.  Lastly we'll get a cleaning crew both outside the house and inside the house.  There will be touch up done on the exterior after the house is cleaned.  Landscaping folks will have to bring some pretty plantings over, some trees; yard will get graded in the process.  Pavers will go down for driveway and on the lanai.  OK, so I might have some things out of sync, but I know in my head what all will be done.  OK, then the lighting fixtures will be installed.  Light bulbs in place.  Move our bedroom furniture over. Bring in the new pots and pans, flatware, some new dishes (note to self: go buy some new dishes), cookware, and all kinds of things.  And one day I'll go buy some groceries that will go into OUR NEW HOME.  And soon enough we'll make our bed up with fresh sheets and come that night we'll toast with champagne......  to the finish of our long endeavor to build our dream home! That day is coming.  I can't wait.  Thank you, Lord.   And, might I add, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Cow Caretaker wanted my picture taken with him her.

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