Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Monday

Today has brought the worker bees to the property.  From shower tile man to boat dock men. Also have the appliance man coming over to double-check measurements.  Electricians arrived to make a count of what they'll need to do for hooking up power to 'things'.  I have my 'marching orders' to go pick up more "chicklet" trim for the shower/bathroom walls.  While out I'm stopping to visit a local drapery shop. I'm looking for some fabric books to take a look at. While we've got all the windows "picked out" and what will go on them, I'm doing a "check - check - double - check", so to speak.  I also have a warm coat to go pick up since so far this winter, it has not gotten worn.  And, it keeps me really warm.  *I may stop the cold winter by doing this!"  You can thank me ONLY "if" the Florida winter gets a tad friendlier.  I do NOT dislike cold weather, however.  We need it.  My brother in Ohio? He knows what COLD weather is really about.  Or maybe I should say, FRIGID. Keep warm, brother Bud.  I'm sure he will.  He is a busy guy, building another car.  I'm glad Jean got to go visit our brother John, and our sil, Karen; and Barbara and Darwin.  They had a nice weekend visit.  

Now next week it will be OUR turn down here in Orlando to see Aunt Jean and Tom.  Oh goody. Her granddaughter, Karlie, will celebrate her 5th birthday.  Like with the boys, I can't believe this little one is Five.  Geez-o-pete, time does fly.  

Praying for my friend Pat today, as her sister Gail passed away yesterday. Our hearts and prayers are with you, Pat.  I'm so glad you were there to whisper your loving words to her yesterday. And even happier that Gail's friends and the Chaplain prayed for you!  You needed those prayers and I know it was confirmation in a lot of ways.  She is at peace and having a good visit with your Mom and Dad.

Not too exciting of a post today. The weather is mild today; will be in low 70's.  Then we'll get a little cooler come mid week.  I also need to put some bird seed out for the locals.  Building is going hog wild here.  A couple more homes were begun last week.  One is on the lakefront and boy, yesterday afternoon I noticed what a big shadow it cast eastward. I was so glad to get rid of the jet skis in the backyard.  The guy looked real happy to be carting them all away.  I'm off here now.  Praying you all have a good week ahead.  

So far this is what we have for new boat dock/house. It will have a roof (tile) just like the house. We're in the market for a pontoon boat.

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