Thursday, January 20, 2011


Our new home is running behind schedule.  The old house came DOWN a year ago tomorrow. Soon the foundation was being poured and we were on our way.  Today our kitchen cabinets and the ones for our master bathroom arrived.  They look great.  Tomorrow they'll show up with the entertainment center for the living room. I can't wait to see how the finish turned out.  It matches the island in our kitchen. Meanwhile work continues on the new boathouse and dock.  Howard has taken all the planks off of the old dock, endeavoring to dismantle it himself.  The guy building the new one said he would charge $1,000 to take it down.  Yeah, right.  He hasn't seen my husband take on a project.  Guy reminds me of a real twit.  He had said they'd come to an 'agreement' but didn't write anything down on the contract. Pfft.

Yesterday was Ethan and Jacob's 4th birthday.  They are definitely 4 year olds!  I have seen them learn so much since moving to Orlando in July.  They don't miss a thing; always pointing out something to me, or say, "remember, MawMaw when I.....".  They play together more grown up. They still have their run-ins but I see they are more able to settle their issues.  (at times)  They both are so thoughtful.  Their "big brother" roles show such a sweetness towards their baby sister.  They even call her 'baby Ella' a lot. Ella is entering their world big time.  She is starting to crawl and she enters their play area easily. They are being reminded to keep the 'very small' pieces picked up and best played with elsewhere (like their play room).  The boys will have their 'official' birthday party on Saturday.  Uncle Dan and Aunt Aimee and Caden will join us and Uncle Brian over at their house when their dad gets off work.  

Tomorrow there is a quilt show here in town and I plan to go.  Hope the cabinet people get here early so I can SEE the entertainment section before I leave.  Then I will do a few other errands on top of that.

Jean and Tom are traveling tomorrow and will go stay with John and Karen for a couple of nights. I think it's there they will stay.  She will be able to have a good visit with Barbara and Darwin and I sure wish I was right there with em.  I am praying for a safe trip over and back and good weather.

Speaking of weather? Weatherman says to expect 80% rain tomorrow. Boo Hiss.  I'm sure we still need the rain.  Here's hoping we get plenty of progress next week.  The delay is expected to run all the way to March 1st.  I won't count past that.  It's important we get it all as right as we can.  

Ethan on L and Jake on R
(they'll have a Big cake on Saturday)

Once again, Happy Birthday dear Grandsons

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