Sunday, February 13, 2011

The island has a space for cookbooks.

The kitchen got the granite counter tops this week. It turned out really nice.  I like each one we picked out.

This is the vegetable sink.  (or whatever I want to use it for) 

Main sink just below. Hot water dispenser left of
Kitchen Pix for you to see.  We are moving along with getting the kitchen in shape.  All the cabinets that called for a granite counter top were done this past week.  The coming week will send out the 'call' to gave the appliances delivered.  Woo Hoo; can't wait to see them - in place!  Our cabinet guy will bring the wood panels for the fronts of the appliances and install them.  

I know we have A LOT TO DO.  I have a list of furnishings and decorator items to order. We don't have anywhere to "put" said items YET.  The barn has about run out of room.  It looks like we'll be IN the house and finalize quite a few of our orders.  We went to pick up bar stools this afternoon, which were shipped to the store.  

Very soon the surrounding yard will get graded so they can begin laying the pavers for the driveway. And then the stone, which goes on the lanai areas, will be going down.  Step by step, we are getting THERE !  Thank you for your prayers.  

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