Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ireland trip - September 2005

What a delightful time we had on our trip to Ireland!  Karen was also with us and the 3 of us enjoyed seeing the sights together.  Barbara loved to travel. And, I had lots of other places I hoped to go with Barbara. Seeing as Barbara and Darwin visited all our 50 States, she also took in many countries. I am not sure how many but I shall ask Darwin what he comes up with when he counts em up.  Knowing this was over around 6 years ago, I can say she still had vision in both eyes (no stroke yet), her sugar was under control (mostly) and no talk of her kidneys failing.  Cheerful and happy-go-lucky.  That was my sister. She also was not short of breath.  I remember one night we'd gotten to our hotel and we had to get dinner on our own. Karen, Barbara and I decided to see what they had to offer in the "pub-like" smaller restaurant.  We were seated and pretty soon Karen and I had ordered our first Guinness and Barbara got herself some wine.  We had such a nice time; enjoyed our meal and met an older couple who were away for a few days from their home in county Cork.  Barbara had her camera around her neck a lot and it was a new camera at the time.  She took lots of beautiful photos; we both really liked the many crosses which were all over the place.  She was all ready to go up and get into a contortion to kiss the Blarney stone and it was "me" who ix-nayed it.  I didn't relish kissing some stone where other people were doing the same.  (learned later people laid a kleenex over the stone and kissed that; who knew?)  Ever a shopper, she found lots of goodies to take home with her.  I could kick myself for not making a purchase at the Wedgewood crystal factory.  Barb picked out some red, yes, RED wine goblets and took them home to Darwin.  They were beautiful.  The stems were clear but the rest was beautifully hand-cut crystal. 

Israel Tour - March, 1998

Now, I must say these trips are NOT in order. But, as far as trips out of the USA, this was the second I took with Barbara to Israel.  I went the year prior, 1997, and then she and I both took our hubbies in 1998.  It was always SO fun to travel with her.  She sang solos on both trips I accompanied her to Israel. She sang in St. Ann's church, Sea of Galilee, the place of the Nativity, and lots of other locations.  First time she sang out on Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), I remember the song was The Lord's Prayer.  She sang in the guest Baptist church in Jerusalem, at another location on the radio and led many songs extemporaneously.  We liked the food, learning all about where we WERE, walking the stations of the cross, being entertained by our two guides. And I was thrilled she and I both got baptized in the Jordan River on the same day.  Darwin got baptized during the 1998 trip.  I was all done being baptized and went back to change my clothes.  I walk in and begin to look for my "booth" and  suddenly I realized I was in the MEN'S room.  Yikes.  I got out of there fast but not without first having some fellow with an english accent say, "here, now... you've wandered into the wrong loo"...  And I had.  I know Barbie has been freed of any further sickness and faulty parts.  No need for dialysis. No need for insulin pump. Or that defibrillator.  I do Thank God that she is FREE of all those things. I do know she is in the presence of Jesus; where she reunited with her family and friends who had gone on before her.  She is in the presence of GOD ALMIGHTY.  It's breathtaking.  But, I miss her so much. I can hardly believe it.

Hawaii - April 2007

Barb called and asked if I was available to join her on a trip over to Oahu to go see John, Susan, and sons.  She checked to be sure I could be a "stand in" for Darwin and it was A-okay.  We so enjoyed our plane ride; talking just about non-stop.  We got the giggles on the plane and it was just fun. We both had a book to read and vowed to finish them. Ha. Fat chance. The trip was delightful; got to play with the kids and Jake was such a cuddly lil boy.  We enjoyed seeing the bigger boys, Josh and Dillon, play their baseball games. John took us over to the base and we shopped for some nice souvenirs.  We also went to Pearl Harbor together.  John took the two of us on a long drive Sunday afternoon. We saw so many beautiful places. Then we went to Bellows AFB and stayed in a great rental right on the water.  What a beautiful spot!  Lots of fodder for closing my eyes and "remembering with great Fondness" my travels with Barbie.  This past weekend was rough; we all are mourning her loss; but all of us do know WHERE she is.  And we will take a good while to adjust to her not being HERE-here. Barbara was a splendid listener and we liked to stay caught up on one another's lives.  Jean will attest to all of this, I'm sure.  While the trips I'm mentioning did not have Jeanne along, we all did make a big trip to Spain. That was another super duper time.  The Prada? Are you kidding me?  It was so so awesome.  I am so blessed to have the extended family I have. We all feel that way.  One of the 6 siblings is gone. But, we will ALWAYS be 6 siblings. Very lucky ones at that.  Because we always have each other! For that I Thank God and our dear parents.  

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