Saturday, May 28, 2011


Mom, would you really be 102 this year?  I don't wish for you to be 102 and still living, don't get me wrong.  I enjoy thinking about you on your Birthday; just like we always did.  You made so many Happy Birthdays for all your children and grandchildren too.  You whipped up the best homemade birthday cakes.  While I do remember the cakes we'd have which Mr. Ptak made, I know nothing came close to what you made.  Course, when we were little I remember the chocolate cakes and the marshmallow icing.  You'd use a candy thermometer to get it to a soft boil and then you'd begin to whip and cool it down.  You didn't have to decorate them all professional. A candle lit just before the song began was ALL it needed.  When I was in high school I remember you'd begun making us a German chocolate cake and icing too. All homemade and so delicious.  I think I've made all of ONE German chocolate and it was for Howie's birthday one year.  I wished it was one you'd made, as it lacked something. 

You can bet that we'd all be gathered up IF it were say, 25 years ago, and you'd be ALL giddy and excited about your Big Day.  You'd be happy with some "Pinch and Pat My Belly" or new slippers or certainly new earrings.  You were a fashion plate in many ways; I loved how you made a new outfit with such ease. I'm talking about the outfits from say 35 or so years ago.  The ones you made in which you also had your shoes covered in same fabric; all "matchy matchy".  The skirt you made one year and also dressed this little ceramic doll in the same skirt was real clever. I think you pinned the doll on your skirt pocket, if I remember right.  It was a gathered section of fabric that tiered down the skirt and in between the layers you had this real nice cotton lace row there.  Clever Mama.

This year I am daydreaming of a possible celebration you'd be having in heaven. No, it may not be a birthday celebration like we know them here, but I'll bet there could be a celebration just to remember your special day here on earth.  So, our dear Barbara has joined you on this day; along with everybody else.  A new guy on the block might just be there too.  Jack Hopkins has been in heaven one week tomorrow morning.  Jack was pretty tired here on earth, so God said, "let's go buddy; I have something absolutely so Amazing.... and your Mom and Dad and Gail and Holly are waiting right here. Off he went and I'm sure that was some homecoming for Jack.  Seeing as Jack was such a social guy and loved you too, I would like to think he has stopped over as well.  He'll tell you a joke that I know will make you snort with laughter; just like you did here.  

You might even be privy to some news here. THAT is my biggest question.  I know we are not to know about the goings on in heaven; but somehow I'm thinking you heavenly ones get to know GOOD & HAPPY THINGS and also are told when to hold a loved one in your prayers.  You likely don't get to know the circumstances, but like when I feel low?  I sometimes just say, "Mom, I miss you."  And even that is a tip off that you could pray for us down here.  Silly example; I know.  I bet you saw Ella before she was born.  And like even now you've seen Dan and Aimee's baby girl?  Or you may get to see her JUST BEFORE she is escorted into the arms of her parents!  Well, I'm so happy to have 3 grandsons, Mom. And now we'll have 2 granddaughters. AND, while boys are not as 'fun' or easy to sew for?  I intend to get my sewing machine busy and make up some dresses for them.  I bought Ella a dress yesterday and it's so much like a style you made your granddaughters.  It'd be so easy to sew. I'll let ya know about that later, Mom.  Our new baby girl is due the end of August. Keep a look out!!

Well, I just wanted to share my thoughts about our mother today.  She helped mold me into the woman I am today.  Dad had his part; Barb, hers; my aunts also and certainly my dear friends who have gone on before me.  I'd send you each a big kiss; blown on the breezes of a very warm May afternoon. I guess you know you're getting older when the list of names who have "gone on" to heaven grows longer and longer. 

Forever my Love

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