Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Are these not the cutest lil kiddos?  We start at the top with Caden with his Mom & Dad. He was eating some fruit snacks.  He offered up a peppy "Happy Mothers Day Grandma" when I opened the door. Next in the lineup is Ella pushing her baby doll in her new stroller which she got for her FIRST birthday.  Then the tender side of Pooh and the hero of Batman greeted me at their front door when we walked over to have some coffee!  The transition of Mothers Day from being a MOM to a GRANDMA is huge. I could just nibble all 4 of them and keep at it. We feel very BLESSED to have these 4 healthy lil ones. And come the end of August # 5 will arrive and SHE is going to be so WELCOME!! Whoopee  My Sister Barbara LOVED being a Grandma and she would talk and talk about her grandchildren. I SURE SEE WHY!!  They are a REWARD for raising our "young" and gives us a second chance to nurture the next generation.  I love their hugs and kisses and right now the 4 year olds give me lots of free advice. 

Feel free to post your comments about your Grandchildren.  Hope you had a good MOTHERS DAY.

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