Thursday, September 8, 2011

~ Sweetness and Light ~

God has blessed Aimee & Dan with a daughter! She is a real beauty and arrived weighing 8 # 7 oz. and is a long 21".  I'm happy and proud to share that she and Mommy are doing well. Only 2 nights in the hospital and they were allowed to go home. This made all of them very happy.  She is perfect. We give our thanks for her sweet little toes, all her beautiful fingers, her identical chin to her brothers and her very Life.  How on this earth can any person doubt a GOD so loving as our Father in Heaven?  He delights in sending us the most important treasure a parent could ever desire. Our children. Our Grandchildren in this case.  I love my grand babies with a deeper love that I didn't know was possible.  We seasoned parents 'know' our Love was deep and wide for our own children.  Then this icing on the cake? Another chance to Love and nurture in a way we're totally up for; and prepared to be "there" for these dear grandchildren.  I think it's our chance and opportunity to watch and listen.  It's not "small" talk; it's important stuff.  Big business for little people.  It takes my breath away sometimes feeling their unconditional love, which they give so openly and honest.  I love you Kaitlyn Marie. Welcome to the Family.  We will do our part to embrace you and care for you. I know this ~ you're off to a great start having such wonderful parents and a big brother who already wants you to "play with him".  Doesn't get much better than this!  I love you, Grandma

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