Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Grandma's Pumpkins
(in varied stages of attention to "look at Grandma")

High time Grandma got a post on here and what better topic than 5 very precious children?  Oh, you only see 4 in this photo?  Let me fix that for you.  (girl in background is not one of ours)

Our 5th pumpkin is baby Kaitlyn!  Miss Kaitlyn was 6 weeks old on October 12th. And her Mom shared that her weight was then 11 # and 12 ounces. I'd say that is a good percentage of growth going on. She is very 'long'.  I think she enjoyed being out on such a nice day this past Saturday.

So, 4 + 1 = FIVE !  I guarantee the pumpkins purchased the other day by two households will bring forth some mighty fine jack-o-lanterns. There seems to be a flare of talent in both families when it comes to carving them up artistically.  Mine were normally the very crude triangle for eyes, nose and a curved mouth with an occasional tooth here and there.  We used to take our used carved pumpkin out to the edge of the grove.  We would place it under a tree right by the dirt road, so that we could LOOK at it's smiling face fall into a droopy smushed frown.  I know. Odd.  And once in a while a stray foot would fly into the side of the pumpkin and end it's misery a little earlier.  (no, not me)  

I want to get on the bandwagon and share some decorating motions that have been going on here at the Estate.  (yeah, our kids began calling it an estate after their dear grandparents had passed on) So, not trying to sound a llllllllll, I will pick a good name such as, The Pink Castle?  Nahhhhhh.  Then again, I feel pretty regal living in our new home.  I just cannot explain it.  We have been in our new home for almost 5 months. Still have plenty to do as far as getting the furnishings bought, placed and decorating done.  Lately I've been working on my office/sewing room.  Ready to start hanging pictures and bulletin/design board.  I have some sewing projects on my list and can't wait to get started.  I just pray my vision holds out for a long time.  It has gotten worse and it is a big area of concern. 

Ahhh, I digress. I have Christmas fabrics and some quick and easy things to make. Plus some stitching work I want to get busy on. (incomplete sentences seem to be acceptable these days...??)  Oh, this got my goat on today's news.  There are already 2 states in the U.S. who have discontinued teaching elementary children CURSIVE writing.  And a large number of them that say it is going to be an elective.  An elective in elementary?  Oh please.  I never did have an excellent handwriting, but I know typing and being on a computer for so many years does give you a way more messy handwriting.  You just don't write longhand much anymore.  I am so embarrassed that when I write a note to someone; I have to use "white-out" to correct my obvious messy ways.  

Well, I hope you are enjoying the month of October. We are due some COLD weather later today-tonight.  Glad to hear it. I just hope we don't have any damaging winds, etc.  May the "cyclone" stay away.  (last night's news mentioned a possibility of cyclone winds off the coast of south Florida).  I bet there'll be some weather decoys placed out in the wind - just in case.

I think I already know what my grandchildren are going to be for Halloween.  I'll keep it under wraps and share with you in a couple of weeks.  Later folks ~

Grandma Partin

Brian, Dan w/ Caden, Howard, Jim

Anita, Aimee and Melissa (Aimee's sister)

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