Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Beginning to LOOK a lot like CHRISTMAS

Christmas is 3 weeks from today! After Thanksgiving, have you noticed the rapid downhill slide to Christmas Eve?  Who hasn't? Adults do but to children it takes "forever" to arrive.

I recall the John Denver album coming out when our children were little.  Each song on it was a lot of fun and John Denver had such a nice voice.  (can't say the same for the Muppets, but it was cute) I think that piece of vinyl was tossed aside some time back.  One song I remember most is when they sing the 12 Days of Christmas. (link follows)

Our tree is UP, lights on it and so far it is just what I imagined. It is our First Christmas in our new home.  The "boys" urged us to go for the tallest tree we could get.  Well, we worked towards that. This morning son Jim stopped by with the twins for a short time. My grandsons wanted to hang some ornaments, so I opened 3 boxes of new ones and they carefully hung some ornaments.  I won't be moving them; though it is tempting.  I remember how children like to "clump" their ornaments.  Jake noted that two he hung almost side by side were a girl and a boy.  So, I dare say I shouldn't separate them.  "Friends" who just met on "our" Christmas tree!

Today I looked at the calendar and thought.... "oh no" - I have to get BUSY!  Shopping but 1st I must make a list that will take me on my way.  I tend to "shop from the hip".....  I have one idea in mind and "suddenly" I see something else and BUY it.  Most times I shop like that, which isn't good on my gasoline bill.  I dislike "returns" with a passion, so you'd think I'd be much better with my gift choices.  I sure hope so. I want to get FINISHED with shopping and wrap things up and just ENJOY Christmas.  I think that (and say it) every year.  So much for wishes!

This morning I was thinking of a December past when Jean, Barbara and I went to spend some time with Aunt Judy in Pennsylvania.  It was COLD weather and we enjoyed it so much. There'd been a storm the day before we arrived in the northeast,  delaying our departures by a day.  Some huge trees were knocked down from wind on the property where Aunt Judy lived. Our first morning there Jean and I went out and gathered up some small limbs and made Aunt Judy a Christmas tree out of them.  Jean brought a strong of lights with her and I brought a box of mini ornaments.  Oh, did we ever think it was Festive looking in Aunt Judy's cozy home!! And, she just loved it.  Barbara made us a delicious dinner the night before we left; complete with dressing and cranberry sauce.  It was chicken as I recall, but she made very good gravy and Aunt Judy was Thrilled.

It brings me to this ~ our Memories are Priceless!  It brings a smile to just think on those days.  A tear or two as well.  I remember Barbara being very well and not limited by anything at the time. This year is 'hard' for all of us, as we miss Barbie.  I know for sure we all will think of Special times with our dear sister. You 'kids' and 'grandkids' of Barbaras are particularly on my heart AND Darwin the very most.  I'll celebrate thinking she's not sick; she's with her parents and so many other loved ones.  And I'll look at pictures of our whole family and realize how Blessed we were to have Barbara Anne Totten Martin in our lives for as long as we did.  

Put "O Holy Night" on your list of songs, and remember her beautiful voice.   She lives on in each one of us.   Forever and Ever and Ever and Ever.........  Then there's also the Hallelujah Chorus!

I love you all so much ~   Jan

** photos to follow of that 1991 A. Judy visit **

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  1. Love all your photos and stories. I am now a follower. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. It's wonderful being a grandma!


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