Sunday, December 4, 2011

The PHOTOS to go with previous post - 

Here are the photos I said I'd try to find.  I found them in the Album and scanned them.  Now, I will add about 6 photos for you to look back on along with the post I made this afternoon.  Aunt Judy was an important person in our lives.  Growing up we learned she cared about us and even though she lived a long ways off most of the time, we wrote letters (yeah, novel thought, huh?) to each other and would make phone calls to each other on Holidays.  She was a real extension of her brother, Arthur.  Yeah, my Dad and your Grandfather.

Barbara and Aunt Judy were always very close.  A. Judy used to call Barbara, "Bobbie".... and to my knowledge it's the only person whom ever called her that.  Barbara felt the same way about Aunt Judy that Jean and I do/did/do.  Going to see Aunt Judy; the 3 of us?  It was like getting to be with 3 of the most important people we all knew and loved.  I'd not only be sad I was leaving Aunt Judy at the end of the visit; but my 2 dear sisters too.  Sniff   Enjoy the photos.

Hope you have a great week ahead, you guys.

 Aunt Judy showing some leg?  No - just wanted to see how long robe was, I think ?!?

 Barb on left of pic on the loveseat; Jean seated on right near J.J.'s cage. (bird)

 yummy dinner awaits

 Jean and I got the biggest kick out of this sign - every time we visited....

 No bubbly was served - she was just having FUN

 Aunt Judy fussing with her TREE (we moved it to a better spot later)

 Barb and A. Judy - taken outside of a Perkins where we'd had brunch

 Lambertsville, NJ - we had a nice lunch there and a tour around the town.

 Julia V.D. Totten - age 82 yrs 9 mo.

 a special ornament I brought her

Just a quick photo before we ate our good dinner.  

I scanned more photos tonight, Jean.  I have some good one I will
share with you.  I'm ordering a new photo scanner.  Yours is fine.

xo Happy Week, All xo

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