Tuesday, February 14, 2012

H A P P Y    V A L E N T I N E S    D A Y

I like this old phone and sweet kitty. 

Aw, so cute

Elizabeth Taylor's wishes on behalf of Whitman Sampler

Did you just love when one of those came into your home as a kid
and you could choose one?  I always hated it when someone else
poked them and ruined them; although I'd know what to stay away from.

This reminds me of a Valentine the boys got before.

and whom of us don't love the little girl with her dolly in the cradle?  
I enjoy watching Ella play with her doll baby in a cradle she got for Christmas.

This caught my eye; seeing the boys in line to kiss this little girl. ?!!

I loved the ones who had the walking feet on a circle.  Her head appears too big for her body.

Very Vintage and sweet

I imagine this Valentine was after the space program came along?  Maybe not.


She is so cute. That big bow!! And she was busy creating a large heart.  tee her

Really cute.  

Last but not least, this little curly haired girl, holding flowers and wearing a large bow also.  Her feet crossed at the ankles make her so lady-like.  It'd be fun to have designed these back then. Today kids like animated heroes and themes for their Valentines.  I bought a box of "scratch off scented" ones. They smell like chocolate and cherry.  

I wanted to wish you a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY and hope you feel the LOVE!!  Howard gave me a Valentine before I even got out of bed.  I've delayed opening it UNTIL I can "find his".  I beat all these days putting things "away" and then I have to go on a search mission that a can last hours.  I only found the Grandchildren's cards and heck, now I'm thinking I looked at cards for others and MAYBE I'm just dreaming it up?!  I'm going to head out in a few minutes to go deliver Kaitlyn and Caden's cards and surprises.  In like kind I'll drop off the "3" grandkids, who live nearby, on my way out. The granddaughters are getting a stuffed animal; they're called mini pillow pets.  The boys will get something to play with.  I think all 3 of them would like that.  

My Blogger dashboard is not working right, so I'm not going to be able to highlight some of the words and change the font color.  I've tried to make it "straighten up and fly right."  Oh well. Hope you have a Wonderful Day.  We are going out to dinner.  I'll be posting later about something other than Valentines Day.  Today is one year since I last talked to my sister Barbara. I had no idea 3 days later she'd pass.  

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