Thursday, February 9, 2012

No cards this year

Yesterday we rang in our 43rd wedding Anniversary.  Our yearly recognition of the day we got married had come and we had decided we would find a movie we'd like to go see in the afternoon.  That way, we'd be prepared to have dinner out prior to coming home.  The plan worked out great.  

We headed out in hopes of having a quick lunch prior to catching the 1:40 p.m. movie we'd selected.  As we approached a traffic light, I noticed the lady with a sign turned outward for the drivers to see as they passed by.  It was obvious she had written her note on a piece of paper bag.  My heart was immediately touched and without hesitation I knew I wanted to give her something.  I asked my husband to slow up.  I grabbed my purse and searched out my change purse.  Finding only $1 bills, I took them out and flattened them together.  Down came my window and she noticed we were slowing up and pulling by the curb in front of her.  She moved pretty quick and took the money from my hand, saying a soft thank you.  She showed a lot of strain on her face as she managed her walker.  No telling how old she was, but it appeared she'd not had it too easy.  We missed the traffic light, which I bet didn't thrill the cars behinds us.

We proceeded on our way and my husband said, "I guess that could be our cards to each other."  I agreed.  I'm sure there's never been a year that I hadn't gotten him an Anniversary card. Yesterday I did NOT have one, but WAS going to pick one out.  So was he. Not giving cards to one another This Year was just fine.  There's always next year.

We enjoyed the movie, "The Descendants" with George Clooney.  It was filmed in Hawaii and it made us both want to go back.  God's handiwork is so HUGE on those islands.  I enjoyed the scenery as much as I did the story line.  Afterwards we looked around Bass Pro.  Then dinner at Carrabbas. Yummy.

Happy 43rd Anniversary, Hub

I love you forever

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