Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Been Thinking about you today... March 13, 2012

Our Daddy (above) with our brother Bill, Jean and I

Dad passed away 28 years ago today. (3/13/84) Seems like
a very long time ago for the most part. But, I
can remember it like it was yesterday.  You have
been greatly Missed all these years, Daddy.

Dad and his sister, Judy  (taken in PA)

These two favor one another in my 'eyes'.  And, their 
personalities were similar and yet different.  Dad
enjoyed being in Florida. He liked it hot. Seems to
me I've not known anybody who can drink hot tea
when working in and out of the sun.  Seems he
had the theory it made him sweat and in turn any
breeze would make him cool off.  

Whenever I pick up a cook book, I think of him. He loved
to read recipes and I enjoy it as well.  I thought he was going
to be very very busy baking and cooking some new dish in
any of his free hours.  He even read them out loud to us
if we were sitting out on the screen porch while he was
reading Bon Apetit or maybe his Institution magazine.
I tear out a recipe or idea for a good meal and I get this
little "check" in my spirit at times.  Dad would like this.

I have a list that his Mom made for Christmas holidays one year.
And, all the costs ware written down by the items. It looked
like they were making a meal fit for a Queen and her court.
They really knew how to cook it up.  I wonder how many
would come to their home for a holiday meal.  Dad really
enjoyed baking more than he did "cooking" a meal.
He made homemade donuts, a recipe that remains elusive.
They were loved by all and we looked forward to them each
Christmas.  Also he and Mom and Aunt Judy would
get the Christmas cookies cranking; adding some 
homemade candy and fudge to it.  

I just wanted to REMEMBER this day for a change,
and it seemed a good idea to try to get this post IN before
the Midnight hour.  Alas, it is now 12:01 a.m.

We love you, Daddy. You'd go nuts over all these
great grandchildren you have!  I love being a Grandparent.
Your grandchildren remember you very fondly.  I feel
sure stories will be shared about Grandpa Totten for generations.
Yes, I mean you.

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