Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Few More Flowers

I planted 6 more plants that are also Butterfly plantings.  We do see an increase in the butterfly population.  I rather enjoy taking photos of them.  It's a whole other way of LOOKING at them.  I want to get over to Leu Gardens and visit their Butterfly garden.  I hear it's got all kinds of species.  You'll see some HERE when I make my visit and capture their delicate colors.  

Besides the world of flowers, I've had recent visits from "our" resident eagles.  On top of that I have been viewing an external hard drive, which has files with eagle photos.  I feel pretty lucky that they are so close to us here on the lakefront.  

While we didn't get a photo of "him" today, we had a Florida Red Fox come walking - rather casually - across out back patio.  We have had him come by around sundown and so far I've managed not to get TOO close.  I had just been sitting outside with my coffee this morning; sitting on the swing.  I'd just come in the house and my hubby spotted the Fox.  There used to be a Fox den out in the orange grove.  Seems there has been a remaining family.

I bid you well and shall be back soon.  Take care -


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