Thursday, April 5, 2012

Things went "swimmingly" today !

Boy, does she look cute in her bathing suit! Just a wee energetic little girl ready to go get in the water.  Grandma was "up to the challenge" and knew it'd be rewarding.  Mommy had packed her things for school.  Soon the time rolled around for us to gather with the other Moms and children.  The swim coach told us we'd be going in the water with the child and we'd be staying there for at least 30 minutes.  No problem. Into the water we went. It was a tad chilly but I didn't say anything close to "burrrrr".  I wanted to look warm even if I wasn't.  No giving the wrong signals to my little guppy.  It was first day of swim class for my granddaughter, Ella.  She obviously trusted me, but I wonder for how long?

(this is NOT Ella - it came from google images)

Ella had on such a cute bathing suit.  I noted it was from Baby Gap.  I thought for a minute. "My" baby Ella was soon going to be 2 years old?!! Wahhhh. How'd 2 years go by so fast?  I woke early this morning and I thought of the swim lesson first thing.  I was excited.  What a joy to be part of her learning to swim! I'd taken her Daddy to swim lessons when he was a little younger and it seems like yesterday.  She held my hand as we went into the water. I noticed she was shivering which made me want to bolt from the water and warm her up.  (Mother Bear instinct)  I held her closer, thinking it might make her warmer.  Ha.  So much for that idea.  Soon she was hand-in-hand and we were moving in a circle.  "Ring around the rosy" was being said in a merry way and when we got to the part, "we all fall down", we were to say 1, 2, 3 and dunk our child under water.  I did it. I had to do it. And she came up sputtering but NOT crying.  I patted her back and said, "Yeahhh, Ella, you did so good."

The swim instructor would give us various things to do with our child.  It was important he said, to count to 3 Out Loud; that the child will hear "3" and be ready to hold their breath.  The time went by fast and it was soon time to get out of the water.  The instructor had the Mom or Grandma get out (one at a time) and go grab the child's towel and be ready to take them AFTER they crawled onto the edge of the pool.  He pushed Ella along and she automatically reached out her arms and pulled herself onto the seat ledge of the pool.  Crying, yes, and she meant it.  What on earth had her Grandma in her coffee this morning?  Grandma didn't normally make her cry.  Grandma swept her up, wrapping the big towel around her.  Ella wanted to cry to be sure I understood she did not "like" that last bit.  I knew that. I certainly did.  Soon, however, no more crying.  She said, "home" a couple of times and also solicited Mommy and Daddy while she cried earlier. Bless her heart.  Day 1 was now over.  I feel sure she'll mention something about how her day got started to her mom and dad and maybe her brothers, whom she calls "boys".  One day "my" Ella will be a . . .  


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