Friday, April 20, 2012

Miracles and Other Things

Many miracles happen each and every day. How often do we really stop to think about that? We agree to pray for one another and sometimes we feel like, "is this really possible Lord?"  

My sister and I were talking yesterday about a time when her husband was taken to the hospital and after a few tests, it was determined he should have a heart cath right away. The Dr. strongly suspected Tom was "having a heart attack" and had internal bleeding.  Tom is a very healthy man despite having Diabetes since he was pretty young. He has always taken good care of himself. (I like that about Tom.)  Ok, Jean hurried to the hospital and noted she had a real sense of Peace.  She talked with Tom and he admitted he was rather apprehensive about the test coming up.  They both prayed together and the test took place.  Tom was brought back to his room afterwards.  The Surprising results were that NOTHING WAS WRONG with Tom.  The prior testing showed he definitely had a heart issue happening.  Meanwhile, Tom got a phone call to his room.  He answered and did not recognize the voice.  The lady on the other end identified herself as Angela.  She wanted him to "know" that she had an important word for Him.  She told him God wanted him to KNOW that he was JUST FINE.  This was before any results were know.  Tom told her, "thank you" and the lady hung up. The Dr. came to Tom's room and stood there... he commented how long he'd been practicing medicine and he'd never seen THIS before!  He told Tom, "you are just fine; you have no heart problem at all and no bleeding." I got chill bumps as Jean recounted this awesome story.  God was in this; have NO doubts.  Each day we put our lives into His hands.  We who are believers Trust Him to care for us.  No, it doesn't always turn out this way.  In Tom's case, it sure did. God is faithful to His people who are called by His name.

Our Father who loves us so much "wants to do good things for His children."  And, it is not always about us being HEALED suddenly. He is in ALL things.  I trusted my friends to 'help me' pray for something that was missing.  I'd not really misplaced it; but I sure didn't recall WHERE I had packed this item. I felt it was gone! I'd looked everywhere for my macro lens. Nowhere to be found.  We had moved into our home almost a year ago but no matter where I looked, it just didn't show up.  Here I'm testifying to the power of prayer. There are no "coincidences" when we pray.  I FOUND the missing Lens on Tuesday of this week. I went to the area in our barn where a boxes are packed and sealed. The FIRST BOX I opened?  No, I didn't see anything inside that was my Lens. UNTIL I pulled back some linens and a piece of clothing, that is. THERE in the midst of the big box; set in the center of the box with soft things all around it... was my Camera Bag.  I removed the bag and moved to a different spot to LOOK inside. Praise God... I'd found it.  And I know without a doubt that my "asking" others to pray for my Lens to be found (?) - was honored.  God is indeed in the little things or big things. This may not compare as a miracle in significance of Tom's life, but I just wanted to remind my dear friends that God is just Waiting to have you talk to Him about ALL your needs. So, maybe today you have a particular NEED? I'd urge to take it to the Lord in prayer.  He is worthy!

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*Think I'll head outside while the SUN is shining and get some Macro shots of Nature!

(I took photos shown below in Ireland.)

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