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It's almost Mother's Day!  I'm going to run some memories by you and see if you can come up with some of your own. You're welcome to share by posting in the Comment section.  

First, I so recall making our Mom a gift and Jean and I booth had taken empty Shalimar bottles into our class at school. We were to decorate the bottles and then it would be a Gift when finished. I remember the bottle being filled with a green color paint. I might be totally wrong on this, but it IS my memory. Then a decal was placed just "so" in the middle of the bottle.  

Then the year I was in 3rd grade I was able to pick out a pin and earrings for Mom.  We lived in Indialantic Beach, FL that year and I was excited to give her the wrapped gift.  I remember the pride I had when she wrote that pin and earring set.  Just a ways from our house there was a Sundries store that sold drug store things and had a few gift items.  I was too young to babysit, so I can only assume Daddy must have felt he could 'let us' pick out a gift.  Jean? Do you remember that?  I sure do.  I imagine the pin and earrings were from you, Billy and I.  

I remember my FIRST Mother's Day. Jim was born on the 6th of May and 3 days later it was Mother's Day. I hoped my Dr. would "let me go home" on that Day, but he disappointed me terribly by not signing me out.  I was stuck at the hospital.  But, I had my SON there with me and it was 'he' who made me a MOM for the first time.  I was released to go home the following day. Upon arriving at home, I found a very nice rocking chair waiting for me - and our baby son - AND a very pretty card.  Poor daddy was so busy, he hadn't had time to secure a card that day.  I didn't expect it because we were still reveling in becoming first time parents. Oh Joy.  As the years have gone by I remember so well how excited our little boys would get over their "plan" to surprise Mommy.  Lots of Moms get breakfast in bed on Mother's Day.  I did a few times.  I know it's as FUN today for our grandsons to surprise their Mommies.  Their dear hubbies will orchestrate a fine Mother's Day morning for the Mothers of their children.  I used to get very "steamed" when a girlfriend would share that her husband never got her a card for Mother's day, stating, "You're not my mother."  A big dork.  I knew several gals who had a hubby who tried that route.  It never went over too big. Of course not!  What Mom doesn't want to be remembered?  

I have a night gown that Jimmy picked out for me when he was 5 years old. He and his Dad had gone shopping to the old Belks store. (as opposed to the new one... ha ha)  I wore that night gown many times.  I never got rid of it and only after I'm gone will someone probably toss it.  Just coming across it in my lingerie chest would bring a SMILE to my face.  So sweet.  

I've collected some great vintage Mother's Day Cards and I'm going to share them with you. I hope you enjoy the memory lane of cards.

don't ya love this one?  even the dog is excited....

wonder what this Mom has her eye on ?
I sure don't know WHERE it's snowing on Mother's Day! 

my Favorite among these - so cute

2nd favorite (above)

Ok, not a card, but I liked this one too.

notice - it's a card from the whole family - a great idea

The word "swell" here speaks of years ago.

Then there's the magazine ads for Mother's Day. Here's some vintage ones.  Who can forget Whitman's and all their ads?

Does anybody know what a Dormeyer appliance was?

Long Distance calls were expensive. So, a Telegram to greet Mom 

Who can forget Mom getting a box of Whitman chocolates?

This one is different!  Mom got a Zippo lighter !!!

One thing is for sure.  We always REMEMBER our Moms; be they here or if they've passed onto Glory!  We will think of them fondly.  I hope each one of you enjoy your Mother's Day weekend. Mothers are a very special person in our lives.  I had a GREAT Mom and so did Howard. Nobody can take her place!  I miss you, Mama.

Mother with 3 of her 19 grandchildren
Beth, Jimmy and Julie (all born 1971)

Grab a hankie! I'm going to share a link to a song I like a lot.  It's called, "Mother, I Miss You".  (click link below)


May 13, 2012

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