Friday, June 22, 2012

Art Angel Antiques and Market

I've been back and once again took a lot of pictures of WHAT all they have in this cute shop. They have so many talented vendors in the shop.  They have an "eye" for setting up their own shops to be Very appealing to the eye.  I find it so fun to walk among all the items that "remind" me of some days past.  Mostly, I just like "vintage" things.  I have a silver oil lamp I must tell my sister-in-law about. I bet she and Bill already have a silver one, but it won't hurt to tell them.  I apologize in advance that my pictures are not as sharp this go round.  I used my phone before too.  What looked alright on my phone is actually blurred somewhat.  I will go ahead and share.  At the end of this post, I'll remind you (again) of the location of the Shop.  And now, grab a beverage and see IF you spot anything you want to have a personal look at........

Loved these dishes !  Good condition

close-up of the dessert plates

Didn't open this book, but I bed it's fun to look at.  

very nice chafing dish

see how nice they pulled this together with that fabric?

nice scale - I'm going to get my baby scale back 

closer look of photo # 4

one of my blurry photos

real cute IF you serve wine

iron bird hangars for wall

classic sign in the front of store !!

heavy lights and the chimneys on top are classics

lots of reds in this booth

real pretty jewelry - mostly new

So, that's a taste of what I was looking at. I'm going to present
the next bunch of photos now.

side table is so cute; has a stencil of birds on it

there are 2 lights like this - beautiful

here's the silver oil lamp - so pretty

another shot of it
a candle goes in this lamp - from Restoration Hardware

large dragonfly anybody?

Anita would like at least One of the red cardinals.

quirky but cute

Is this inexpensive entertainment or what?  I did purchase 2 things.
Don't ya know I didn't take a picture of them?  I will.

handmade bottlecap magnets

very large spool and Heavy base

this little girl (Snow Baby) is Precious. She is holding
2 dresses. Can't decide, I bet, what to wear.

And here's 3 little friends on a nice sofa.

real sweet picture

2 chairs in chartreus and white polk-a-dots

forgot!  I was going to get those letters that spell out l o v e.

I can see some lady receiving her breakfast in bed with this nice bed tray.

I hit on a "guy" section here & 2 above.

back to shabby chic looks here - like

Liked this lamp; real cute.

handmade pillow with fabric flowers

boy, yes, I liked the enamel white pitcher

jars of buttons; clever idea

do you remember a hairdryer similar to this? I do...

nice dresser set and lamps were nice too

Raise your hand IF you remember Ginny dolls !
My hand is up.
Isn't the gingham check just precious?  I did not look
to see what her name was. (tag)

And dark hair Ginny has on a real cute sun suit. Hat to match
Not to mention her classy glasses  : )

I'll call it finished here.  My shopping visit to Art Angels was fun.
I hadn't been out much lately; other than going to the grocery store.
I felt a lot better yesterday.  Woke with a new sore throat - again.
I went ONLY here today; decided the other places could wait.
Shop address:  5515 S. Orange Ave. OrlandoFl 32809

Meanwhile, I put dinner on to cook and it's approaching READY.
I hope you have a good weekend; All of you. Thanks for
stopping by.  Till next time ~ 

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