Monday, July 2, 2012

What was One of the First Lessons Your Parents taught YOU?

Sure, we were told to clean our plates.

We were told to say please and thank you.

We also were taught to say, "Yes, Sir" and "Yes, Mam".

And things like, "No, thank you."

In other words, there were some Manners being taught; the same manners my folks had grown up with.  Maybe Dad learned some manner lessons from Mom?  And vice versa?

Okay, THIS is not a type of Manner. Instead, I'm talking about one of those 10 BIG Commandments.  It is?  A biggie.  Anyone thinking right now you have the ANSWER?

I'm waiting.  Too much silence.


Yessiree.  I'm thrilled to pieces we've all kept our butts out of jail due to following that Commandment. (by that I mean my family-at-large)  It wasn't just that we had 2 parents in the home either. It was "monkey see - monkey do".  If a child sees a parent STEAL, they are more than likely going to see it as ALRIGHT.

Our neighborhood has been experiencing some examples of such behavior.  There's been break-ins in broad daylight. There's been cars broken into.  This area of town has never had a high rate of crime - UNTIL NOW.  Each neighborhood around this part of town is being repeatedly HIT.  Saturday night our neighbor was once again touched by THEFT.  Two months ago they were broken into.  It was deemed a probable case of young people pulling that theft.  Last night the 2 men are seen on security video; opening the man's truck door.  It is one dark skin man and one light skin man. They thought enough to keep their faces covered with a TOWEL.  They show they have little to no sense and the 5% sense they MAY have?  They used it to get away with their CRIME.

We are hoping they trip up (literally and figuratively) and will be FOUND OUT very soon.  Maybe there's a Theft Ring these hoodlums belong to?  We know the Community is working to RAISE AWARENESS to the neighborhoods.  IF YOU SEE anything suspicious, call and report it.  Better off being wrong than sorry you didn't TRY to assist in the apprehension of the THIEVES.  Just don't try to be a HERO and confront them.  Who knows what they might be carrying to defend themselves?!

This was my A.P.B. for the locals. You know which area I'm talking about.  Keep your Eyes and Ears Alert !  The UPS drivers; Papa John delivery persons; and many other work trucks access the area from an early hour till 6 p.m.  We MUST be aware of any cars that are not recognized to be from the area. After hours folks like the Papa John dude know "how" to reach the customers.  
Ok. Be SAFE.  

*Personal note*  I PRAY for these people; whomever they are; to TURN THEIR LIVES AROUND. Jesus would have US do that. For sure.  

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