Monday, July 12, 2010

Choices and Decisions
As some of the larger things are getting finished on the main structure of the house,
we find ourselves facing many new decisions. We're fortunate that thus far we've
Agreed on mostly all areas from the start. Today we met with the Cabinet guy in
person at his Shop. We now have a better idea of what we 'want' and so does he.
I'm sure they'll turn out really good. There's still more decisions involved, finishes
on different cabinets and style of the entertainment center (for starters).
Thanks to Claudia and Wayne for having us as their guests last night. We enjoyed
our visit a lot. Something of interest (for me) was watching 2 eensy weensy
Hummingbirds who were snacking on sugar water just outside the window.
How amazing they are to watch! I want to share one of the photos. Here it is...

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