Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Long day for a MawMaw who is sometimes called "GwamMaw"....... My little clone grandsons kept going all day long without a nap. They did lie down for a while but kept jabbering. After 45 minutes I told them they could get up. We kept busy all day. The heat was evident when we went to the Park. I'm going to call it 'sweltering'. The little 'lads' were swinging and the looks on their faces weren't all that over-joyed. Not until they said, "I want to go to my house" (their home) did they smile much. I'm glad I was able to be with em so Mommy and Daddy and Ella could go do errands etc. Jim's days off are Tues. and Wed. so today gave them some time 'out' together to track down some things for their house. Hope everybody sleeps good tonight. Me included. I gave the boys a bath after their dinner and I expect to hear they slept later tomorrow morning. Tomorrow I head out early to take Howard's sister for her Dr. appointment and I have to schedule her follow-up mammogram and sonogram. And go track down both her meds and Brian's tomorrow. Howie holds down the fort here, seeing to the details of daily building. Praying for the whole family. *I saw Ella before I left their house tonight and she was all smiles. Adorable.

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