Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ella's SERIOUS look
Ella came to stay with MawMaw and Papa last night while her folks and brothers had a couple of errands to go do. She had a bellyache for a bit after some milk but settled down soon. She only snuggled and napped for a while. Then she was awake and 'talking' her baby-coo to us and smiling. Nope, didn't get a Smile photo but I bet I will later this weekend. She had a 2nd bottle and Papa got to give her most of that bottle until MawMaw took over for burping her. I like how she begins to make those cute noises when she's up on my shoulder and I so want to see her for myself, but I enjoy listening. Just think how much that "listening" and the "talking" changes in the coming months. We listen intently to try to understand what our little ones are saying and some innate gizmo in us helps us to recognize just what they're starting to say. Ella's brothers speak in long sentences I can most often understand. It's funny when I look at one of them to request "what is your brother saying?" And so cute then when the answer is, "he's just talkin"..... Priceless. That meant he had no clue either. So, today I have a 'serious' picture of Ella taken last night. She was lying on our bed and the light wasn't really good. I was trying not to 'blind' her with the big lights on. That means other 2 photos were blurry. Ahh well. Hope your Saturday will be a good one out there, dear ones. I'm going on an excursion with Anita and children after a while. Aimee and Dan have company - make that family - here visiting. Her dad, brother and one sister came down to meet the new Grandsons (Caden and Weston) and nephews. Have fun you guys. I saw the 'men' were out fishing on the lake this morning. ><\\>

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