Sunday, July 18, 2010

Growing up we were told that Mother rode home in an Ambulance with her 'twins'. She said that her mother (Grandma Mackey) and her sister (Aunt Tany) carried the twins in their arms.
So, I was thinking of that today. Way back then an ambulance had to bring a new mother home? Wouldn't the insurance companies have a field day collecting that debt these days? Ouch. Anywho, I'm sure Mom felt very secure in knowing her mother was on board to help with her last duo that arrived. Our 'big sister', Barbara, was said to be our "2nd mother" cause she said she and her girlfriend often were in charge of taking care of us. I've been watching Ethan and Jacob a lot lately as their mom and dad get settled in their new home and take care of many details. I've wondered to myself IF Jean and I were as curious and active as they are. Somehow, I feel sure we were. I recall not liking to take naps. When I lived in Ohio, I remember waiting for mother to fall asleep on our bed or in our room, and then we went downstairs. No, that did not go over too well. I told my grandsons yesterday that my Daddy spanked me when I was a little girl. They had asked me, "does Papa spank you?" (that'd be their grandfather, Papa) I said, "no, he doesn't; he never has, BUT my daddy did when I was little. I then said, "but he only SPANKED me once." They repeated it back to me. I said, "yes, ONLY once". They're too young to be told how we had other ways of paying retribution. Oh the many times we had to WRITE. It'd be either sentences in succession or the dreaded "hand-written page on what the church sermon was about..." Things haven't really changed much in the parenting department. I see where children DO want "limits" and they also expect us to keep our word. There's a reason we 'back up' what we say. I sure do love being a Grandmother. It's made me wish I knew plenty more about my own grandmothers. I mean really good stuff. I know Grandma Mackey liked "soap operas", or back then maybe there was only one Soap on then. I can see her now; her chair pulled close to the small t.v. screen and watching & listening to the story. Plus, I remember the T.V. Guide magazines they had at the Clarence Avenue home. Grandma M. dressed as lady-like as Grandma T. did. Grandmothers looked like that back then. I didn't get to go swimming with my grandmothers. (just think of those bathing suits they might have had) I get to swim with mine. Take them to the park. Wal-Mart. Shopping. Walks. Read to them. Tell em silly things. And that's when I love hearing, "silly Gwammaw"........ yeah, I know I am.... It's all good!

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