Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gymboree Day
Had a fun time observing Caden at his Gymboree class on Saturday!
He was busy eating his breakfast when I got to their house on Saturday morning.
His "nanas" and cheerios were going fast as was his milk. Soon it was time to
load him in his car seat and off Mommy, Daddy and Grandma went.
Caden has been having a good time at the Saturday morning visits.
If there was a contest for Mr/Miss Congeniality? Yes, he'd win.
There were not as many children as usual, but he bid most all kids
a rounding HI Took a lot of photos cause he was ALL smiles.
Hope to return and watch him more. He now knows his Grandpa
Howard as "Papa" and it's really cute.
You're a cutie pie, Mr. Handsome "Mmmmmmm" (kiss)

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