Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Brian
Today is your day and I sure hope you enjoy it. I've gotten several 'well wishes' to send your way. By the end of tonight you'll find out that eventually, at your own pace, you too can locate your own greetings from family and friends. We decided to get you a Netbook. You will be able to get 'help' from me and I'm sure your brothers and dad will assist as well. Looks like I'll have to put my "PC" hat on when helping you, as I use a Mac laptop for well over a year. Today you got a 'special breakfast' of homemade blueberry pancakes and bacon. Then your 'barber' took hold of her scissors and comb and gave you a whole new 'fresh' look. I think from what you said after your shower, you'll have the "uni-bomber" look happening at dinner. That's unfortunate as your face doesn't need to 'hide' behind that hairy face. If you needed a new razor, maybe you should tell someone? What counts is that you ENJOY your dinner at Outback. We've enjoyed having you stay the past 3 days and hope it helped make your days leading up to your birthday happier. I'm sure you've not been as bored being over here with us a few days. Tomorrow I think it's time you get groceries and head home so you can have the comfort of your own bed. We love you dearly, son. And we never stop praying for THE DAY you'll be free of the seizures that lurk in your life. God Bless you, we pray, with good health.
Mom and Dad

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