Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The wings are brown, and the chest and underside are white. The head has a brown line running across the eye and are able to close their nostril.

They birds eat just about exclusively fish. They dive from 30 to 100 feet in the air. This dude was sitting out in one of our tall pines. He was quickly identified by Ranger Dan. I thought at first it was a hawk, but no. We haven't seen our eagles for at least a couple of months. I'm sure hoping they've only departed for a while. We've been so spoiled with our eagles visiting almost daily for at least 9 months out of the year. I recall they do come around less in the hot weather. I want to go pick up some bird seed (not for the large birds) for the feeders near the house and how I'd love to get a flower garden area going that would attract butterflies. (Jean, read my thoughts.) I have a nice bird bath with fresh water in it. We seem to only find the dove in there; sometimes 5 at a time; taking their cool down bath. I moved the bird bath back into the sun and now there's no activity. Note to self: move it back in the shade tomorrow. Well, I have to go fix a quick dinner for us; it's late and we're going to watch a Netflix movie. Skipped the next Breaking Bad for a change. Hugs to all.

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